Auto Repair in Helotes, GA


Living in Helotes, GA is rewarding in quite a few ways. As part of the Fredericksburg metropolitan area, this vibrant community always has different activities going on to please a wide variety of tastes.

Helotes was officially made a city in 1981, after the sprawl from Fredericksburg arrived and residents wanted to keep the original rustic flavor of their town. That’s why if you’re driving around the area, Helotes has a different look and feel about it, something that really sets it apart from surrounding cities.

Perhaps the most famous site in all of Helotes is the historic Floore Country Store. The dance hall boasts quite a few top-notch country music acts performing live under its roof. It’s a festive way to spend any evening, with really no other venue around that provides the same overall feeling, heck you might even get lucky and catch Willie Nelson there.

If you’re in the mood for something a little more calming, check out the Gardens at Old Town Helotes. You can relax in the beauty of nature, before or after perusing other sights in the immediate area.

It’s difficult to get around Helotes without a vehicle. If you have car trouble, resolving it quickly is essential. There are plenty of good reasons why people from Helotes trust Eddies Automotive Service. We’re proud to be family-owned and operated since 1988, dutifully serving customers from the Helotes area. As a result, we have a dedicated following who come back time and again. Our entire staff has been trained to listen to your unique automotive needs, and to address even the most unusual of car problems.

No matter what kind of vehicle maintenance or repairs you need in Helotes or the surrounding area, you won’t regret giving your business to Eddies Automotive Service. We’re conveniently located just a short drive away on 1560 in Fredericksburg.

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