Riding Into The Sunset

Riding Into the Sunset

Author Eddie Price

Well, the time has come for Wanda and I to enter the next chapter of our lives, and will be retiring later this year.

We have sold “Eddie’s” to our friend Phil Panos. Phil is the owner of Capital Signs, located just across the parking lot from Eddie’s.  We have known Phil since 2008 and have worked on his vehicles for years. 

“Eddie’s” will continue on. Phil has hired David O’Henry to be manager/service writer. I will stay and train David over the next 6 months. 

Wanda will also continue to work for the next 6 months to help the marketing transition.

Matt has left to pursue a landscaping endeavor with his brother. Although we will miss our “adopted” son, we are excited for him and wish him much success.  If you need lawn care let me know and I will pass along his contact info.

The last couple of years has taken a toll on us.  The lack of employees, supply issues, and the quality of parts have made doing business a very stressful thing.

As many of you know, we did not close during any of the pandemic.  But I have not had any time off in almost 3 years......I’m kind of tired.

On a personal note, Wanda and I have done a major downsizing of our home. Our kids grew up and moved across the country. Which means we hardly get to see them. A couple of months ago I learned that the hip I had replaced 20+ years ago needs to be replaced again. I’m not sure when that will happen as it’s day-to-day. 

I was told I will be down for at least 2 months. Our plan was to work for a few more years, but, looks like life has other plans.

On February 20, 1988, I started this business and in just shy of 34 years we have grown it into what it is today.

Wanda and I love this community and will miss the day-to-day interaction with our customers and friends. This probably seems all of a sudden and may be shocking to some, but all things must come to an end. Wanda plans to start a blog so we, (really she), will let you know what Max and us are up to.

We have been truly blessed by all of you who have supported us all these years.

May God bless you too. 



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