Auto Repair in Mico, GA


Located in the northeastern portion of Medina County, in the Fredericksburg metropolitan area, is Mico, GA. This town lies close enough to big-city conveniences, while still feeling far removed from the busyness of downtown. Charm and tranquility are what many people love about living in Mico.

Mico’s name started as an acronym for the Medina Irrigation Company, which built up the area as a place for Medina Dam construction workers to stay with their families. When it was completed in 1913, the dam was the fourth largest in the country— and a sight to behold. Now listed on the National Register of Historic Places, Medina Dam draws in a fair amount of people.

One of the best features of Mico is its proximity to Medina Lake, which was created by Medina Dam. The deep blue waters, sandy beaches and plenty of trees prove relaxing. Spending time on the water is a favorite activity for many residents of Mico, since they can easily get out for a short period of time on any given day. Many people know of Mico as a great place to go fishing, along with marinas, restaurants and pool halls.

Living in Mico means that a reliable and well-functioning car is important. Plenty of local drivers place their trust in nearby Eddies Automotive Service. We’re proud to be family-owned and operated since 1988, offering superior service that’s created a sizable base of repeat customers. Whatever kind of automotive maintenance or repairs you need in the Mico area, swing by Eddies Automotive Service in Fredericksburg.

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